My Summer Abroad?
The last few days.

Thursday-This was an amazing day.  I started off by waiting for Lindsay to get to Newman Court from the airport!  She got in a little late…which made me like two hours late for work… Whoopsies.  While I worked, Lindsay went and toured Windsor Castle.  It was the most beautiful day out so far.  I literally only had to work for an hour and a half.  When Jackie was driving me into town around 2, I started to get choked up.  I didn’t realize how attached I’d grown to her and her family.  We hugged goodbye, and I ran away before she could see me get upset.  I left her a little thank you note in her house.  Hopefully, she finds it quickly!  After that, I sat outside Pret for an hour waiting for Lindz.  I totally got burnt.  It was hot out.  Then, we headed to Westminster Pier for an amazing boat cruise with Nichol, Julie, Sara, Hannah, Linds (duh), Emily, Annika, Brenda, Megan, Jackie, and Alex.  It was honestly the best things I did this entire time.  Afterwards, we went to Giraffe for food and some drinks, and then we rode the tube back.  That was an interesting tube ride.  Involved:  getting yelled at by a crazy, drunk guy, chatting with some British boys, AND giving directions to the British boys.  That was my favorite part.  The fact that I gave someone from London some directions.

Friday-Today was a super bittersweet day.  I started off by going to Trafalgar Square, Harrods, and Nando’s with Lindsay.  Then we came here and just chilled for the rest of the day.  We were both super tired.  We made some pasta and pesto. Woo.  Then said my goodbyes to everyone.  It’s so depressing.  I’ve had such an amazing time here.  I met so many amazing people.  They’re all amazing.  I’m going to miss everyone here so much.  Okay.  The end.  If I don’t talk about it, it won’t happen.


Paddle boating!

Boat Cruuuuise!

Abbey Road

Platform 9 and 3/4

Phone booth in front of clock tower/house of parliament

Final Saturday out. :(

Then pictures from our walking tour of Hampstead!

It’s been awhile.

Saturday-Went to the O’Neil’s in Chinatown after my tour of the House of Parliament. That was… exciting. haha. It was super fun! I think. 

Sunday-Went on the Hampstead walking tour. I honestly have no idea how I managed to wake up and actually do something after my Saturday night.  I went with Sara, Brenda, and Julie.  We got there, and the tour had left without us… So, that was fun.  We started walking up a hill heading in the direction that we figured Parliament Hill was… Well, it started to DOWNPOUR and it was really windy… So, the rain was coming sideways.  We hid behind a car, had umbrellas, and we were still soaked.  It was hilarious though!  Then, we managed to run into Mitchell and Josh.  So, we all walked to Parliament Hill and found Megan!  So, we ended up doing the rest of the tour with her, which involved walking to a mansion thing… that’s apparently in Notting Hill?  Then, we started walking back to the tube station, and well, it was slightly muddy to say the least… My feet were just COVERED in mud.  This was torture, especially considering I didn’t feel super awesome.  Um, then we went home, and I did nothing for the rest of the day… haha. It was beautiful.

Monday-International marketing in the morning…kill me.  Then, Hannah and I went to Wimbledon!  That was really exciting.  We were originally told that the queue would be four to five hours…and we wanted to die after that… But uh, we toughed it out, and the wait only ended up being two and a half hours!  So, that was a good surprise.  We started out watching a women’s tennis match… That was a mistake.  Once we switched to the men’s matches, we started to appreciate tennis a little more.  We got food and sat outside Centre Court watching a match between…some important person…. I clearly don’t follow tennis.  Um, we got home around 9… and that was pretty much all I did that day.  I worked on my portfolio for my internship class, but that’s about it!

Tuesday-Worked at SALT, the usual.  We got a new client!  Woo. Um, haha, then there was a CAPA thing at the Famous Three King’s Pub…or something like that.  Had a cider and a ton of food.  Way too much food. Then, we all went home.  I worked on my portfolio and paper.  That was super exciting.  Woah, Tuesday was almost too exciting to handle.

Wednesday-This was a pretty good day.  First I had dumb international marketing, and it was dumb.  We had our final.  We started 45 minutes late, and the test was just long and horrible.  I knew more than I thought I would considering I didn’t really study… But yea, it was just long.  So glad to be done with Sabrina.  After class, Hannah, Sara, Emily, and I went to Nando’s for lunch!  That was pretty good.  I got something different this time.  So, it was better than last time.  After, Hannah, Sara and I went paddle boating in Hyde Park!  We went for an hour and it was so fun!  We got super close to some swans… That doesn’t sound that exciting, but it was. Promise.  At the end, it started to drizzle though. :(  HUGE shocker.  Sara and I went to High Street Kensington after…got a cookie from Ben’s  Cookies, looked in some shops, the usual.  Then, went to CAPA, had the internship class, blablabla.  Nothing else exciting.

I guess I should update… it’s been a few days…

Well, like usual, I’ve been failing at this… So, I’ll run through it daily… This is going to be another novel. I’m 99% sure that no one takes the time to read these… especially since they’re way too long… Oh well.

Monday-This was the first day back from Paris… I was exhausted and so was everyone.  The majority of us were decently crabby, or at least, Hannah and I were. Well, anyways, the day started off with international marketing… yay… That class needs to die.  We went to Asda and the mall thing by the Olympic Park.  I’ve never wanted to kill someone more in my life.  Our teacher seriously gave us a tour of Asda, which is basically a Walmart. I felt so dumb, and pretty much everyone else felt the same way.  So, that was thrilling.  It probably doesn’t help that I was super crabby… but yea. Um, after class, a bunch of us sat in the food court and got lunch together… yay fun.  Then, Hannah and I did some shopping at the Olympic store there.  We then decided that we couldn’t waste the day and needed to go down by the South Bank and find something down there to do…  We, for some dumb reason, decided that going to the Tate Modern would be a good idea.  We both wanted to go at some point, and I guess we figured it would be ideal to go while we’re tired and crabby… The second we got in, we both remembered how much we hate modern art.  There was literally a white octagon painted on the wall.  Oh, and two chairs stacked on top of each other with balls hanging down from there.  This is serious.  After that, we went to Abbey Road!  Then, we realized how tired and cranky we were and headed home… another exciting night. Seriously, I’ll be surprised if anyone even read the entire thing on just Monday…

Tuesday-Nothing too exciting for Tuesday.  Worked at SALT-made a flier/poster thing, found out we got a new client!, research on competition in the area, Tweeted at a couple local companies, passed out fliers with her little kiddies.  Another exciting day as a marketing intern. Aw, okay. This was precious.  So, my boss has 5-year-old twins-a boy and a girl.  I was handing out with fliers with the boy at first, but then the girl asked if she could be with me instead! It was precious..BUT then the boy goes “oh, well she is quite nice!” in his adorable little British accent.  It was the cutest thing in the whole world. They are frieken precious.  Ugh, I’m going to miss my internship a lot actually!  Um, but after that, I just worked on a powerpoint for my internship class…WOO.

Wednesday-International marketing in the morning, kill me.  Then, Sara, Hannah, and I went to tour the Globe Theater… It was 11 pounds… and it was seriously 15 minutes… definitely not worth the 11 pounds, but I am glad that I got to go!  Uh, then Sara and I decided to lie down in Kensington Park thang for a little bit.  Fell asleep for a bit… It was so nice and warm out!  Who knew there was a possibility of warmth and sunlight here? not me.  Um, then back to CAPA for the internship class… I had my speech.  That was thrilling.  Apparently, my internship is really…unique… and I suppose it’s a little funny to people?  Oh, well. Oh, then I went to Nando’s? with Nyasha and Alissa… Not that exciting… I actually didn’t really like it, but at least I tried it?  Oh, later in the night, Sara, Katelyn, Ashley and I basically talked about our first impressions of each other, how we thought the others would be, and the fact that we were scared of Sara since she originally had her own room.  It was an adorable bonding experience.  Okay, that’s about it…

Thursday-SALT to start the day, of course.  I handed out fliers before going into work.  We got a phone call for another new client! Yay!  It’s just nice to finally see some sort of payoff for the work I’ve been doing.  :)  Then, Jackie (my supervisor) took me to the Long Walk (the road that leads up to Windsor Castle), and we go to see the Queen drive past!  That was so exciting. She was literally five feet from me…she was in a car, but she was still five feet from me!  I chatted with Jackie’s husband about how people feel about the Queen, and that was interesting.  He said a lot of people don’t like her because she doesn’t do anything, doesn’t pay taxes, and blablabla.  However, he thinks it’s worth it to still have the royal family because they bring so much revenue into the country from tourism that even over compensates for the fact that they don’t contribute anything.  I’d never heard that opinion before.. So, that was interesting.  Then, a bunch of us went to North Star for a little bit… We eventually headed to Wetherspoon’s?  Everything was pretty cheap….and it was nice to sit and hang out with a bunch of people from Newman.  I met some British guy who said he loved watching Kenan and Kel and Sabrina the Teenage Witch growing up… that was interesting… Um, then that’s about it for the night. 

Oh, Friday-This was an experience.  Well, I went to Camden for a bit to do some shopping…eventually.  Then, I met Hannah at King’s Cross station so we could do the whole platform 9 and 3/4 thang. Super exciting.  Eventually got ready to go to Whitechina? Chinawhite? I don’t know.  All I do know is that we were too big of a group and couldn’t get in.  Then, we went to Movida? or whatever it was called.  Four of the girls couldn’t get in because we weren’t wearing heels. -_-  I was clearly in that group.  We all know I don’t do heels.  So, everyone who could get in, went in, and the other four of us (plus Emily) went somewhere else.  Well, Movida was a 20 pound cover charge and drinks were over 10 pounds each (and not that fun from what I hear)… And the other place we went to was free to get into and drinks were about 5 pounds.  So, in the end, I think I was a lot better off at the other place than that dumb exclusive club.  The night was sort of irritating, but it happens.  So, I don’t really care.  It didn’t end up being completely horrible.  Oh, then I went home and skyped my mom.  She decided to tell me that Wiggles isn’t eating like at all… and he’s being weird… So, then I just cried forever.  So, uh, that was a fun Friday night. D: Um, that’s about it I think… Sort of a bad note to end on… Maybe I’ll do the beginning of today…

Saturday-I did a tour of the House of Parliament with Hannah!  That was so fun!  I’m really glad that we went and did it.  We were shocked that no one else wanted to.  It was only 10 pounds and was super sweet!  Now, I’m on Tumblr, clearly, and I’m doing laundry… And I need a nap… Yay Saturday?

My weekend in Paris.

I don’t even know how to start this… I guess the typical day by day thing would be ideal… Yea, let’s go with that one…

All of the picture are below this by the way… There are three sets! :)

Friday:  We started the day meeting at the King’s Cross train station… We got lunch to eat on the train… and then took the chunnel!  That was pretty exciting. Actually, it wasn’t exciting… but saying that I took a train through/under? the English Channel… is pretty exciting! :)  Umm, then once we got to Paris, we hopped on a bus to take a tour of the city!  We got to see all of the major highlights of Paris and probably hear some interesting things that I don’t remember…. We got dropped off at the hotel Ibis… It was pretty nice!  The beds were super close to each other… and turning on the lights requires your hotel key… but that’s about it… Then, we went to the Louvre!  Most of us hadn’t eaten since around 1… so we stopped at… McDonald’s… Yay first meal in Paris!  We only had like 45 minutes in the Louvre… So, I really only saw Mona Lisa and the Venus De Milo.  We saw a few other little things, but those were the most exciting.  From there, we walked to the Latin District where we were given some freedom to do what we wanted there for a few hours.  I split off with Hannah, Zach, Ryan, Colin, Megan, Brenda, and Alex.  We got crepes first… Um, nutella crepe. Best life choice.  Then we went to some little bar there and got a few drinks.  Since the train stops running early, we headed back with the group early and then decided to go out around the hotel we were staying at.  That was super fun!  We stayed there for a bit, got a few drinks, blablabla.  We were exhausted and ended up heading home…by about two? Maybe? I’m not really sure. Okay.

Saturday:  Saturday was the best day by far.  It was completely amazing.  Started off with the hotel breakfast…crepes for breakfast, obviously the only choice.  Um, then we went up in the Eiffel Tower! That was so fun. It was a little cloudy and gross out, but who cares.  It was really scary going up the escalator!  But not as scary once I actually got to the top… I don’t know… Um, then we went on a little boat cruise!  It wasn’t that exciting… but it was nice to sit down, relax, and actually be on the River Seine.  After that, we were given freedom to do what we wanted to do.  This was so nice.  It was really the only time we got to do what we wanted..and not be in a group of 40.  Being in that big of a group was a little rough… But Sara, Nichol, and I went to Notre Dame!  It was so pretty!  Then we hit up a crepe stand and a bunch of little touristy shops… bought way too much. Whoops.  We walked then to the Arc De Triomphe!  We walked down the Champs-Elysee!  After that, we had some down time before heading to see the Eiffel Tower light up… So, we got dinner at a little cafe.  We ended up sitting next to a couple from Michigan! ha. Umm, then we went to the Eiffel Tower, had some wine, watched it light up and sparkle, and then headed back by the hotel.  We went out to a bar by our hotel again for one drink… Then we somehow met some group of Portuguese people… They asked us to come to some club with them. We though it sounded interesting.. So, we did, but then none of us could get in. :(  We opted to head back to the hotel because it was getting late… And someone apparently threw a bottle of something out the window at us! D:  But oh well. Um, that’s about it for Saturday… 

Sunday:  Last day in Paris!  It was bittersweet.  I enjoyed Paris and liked being able to see everything, but I really prefer London.  I appreciated London, and the fact that people there don’t hate me just because I’m not of the same nationality as them… We encountered at least one mean person a day there, but I only had one person be rude to me here in the month I’ve been here… Okay, enough complaining about frieken Paris.  SO, started off the day with some crepes… obviously.  Then, we got to go on a cycling tour!  It was amazing.  We broke off into smaller groups.  I was with Sara, Nichol, Hannah, Ryan, Emily, Zach, Colin, Megan, Brenda, and Alex!  It was really nice to be with all the Newman people.  I had so much fun with them.  We got to see a bunch of things!  Took a small lunch break, got a panini and ice cream!  After the cycling tour, we headed to the Moulin Rouge.  Saw that for a minute and walked up the Montmarte?  I don’t know.  It’s a famous hill in Paris with an aaaaamazing view!  It was fantastic.  That’s about it for the day.  We headed to the train station and went back to Ealing.  We were all like delirious we were so tired.  Everything was hilarious on the tube right back to Ealing from King’s Cross. Ah, I don’t know. I had a blast.

General opinion on Paris:  It was really fun!  I really think that if I had been on my own or with a different group of people, I might not have enjoyed it as much.  Paris is pretty…pretentious… They all think they’re amazing.  On Friday, some guy at the crepe stand was really rude to us, we got that bottle thrown at us on Saturday, and some guy was screeeaming at our whole group on the metro on Sunday… Like just a bunch of random rude people.  I just felt hated by a bunch of people and have no idea why.  On the other hand, there were other people who were so unbelievably nice to us.  I feel like you either get one or the other with the people of Paris.  Some people tried really hard to speak English to us and some tried really hard not to.  I’m glad that I got to go and see all of the major highlights though.  Oh, and that I got to hang out with that group of people.  It was definitely a bonding experience.  I’m so glad I went. Okay. That’s it… BYY-YEEEE!

Paris Day Three

  1. the group from the Cycling tour…doing an apparently really popular gargoyle pose? no idea.
  2. Cycling tour
  3. expensive area of Paris
  4. a space invader!  —done by a famous street artist, there’s 1,000 of them in Paris.  He successfully at one point put five inside the Louvre and one on the D of the Hollywood sign…those were taken down…
  5. Cycling by the river!
  6. the group in front of Notre Dame again!
  7. locks bridge thing…and Notre Dame
  8. a bird market? completely normal…
  9. Moulin Rouge!
  10. Hannah and me in front of the view from the Montmarte?  I think it’s called…

Paris-Day two

  1. view of the Eiffel Tower from the Metro
  2. Me and zee Eiffel
  3. view down the Eiffel Tower… I had to stick my camera like a foot out side of the guard railing for this picture… It was frieken terrifying but worth it.
  4. Sara, Brenda and I atop the Eiffel Tower
  5. Brenda, Sara, Nichol, and I outside the Eiffel Tower (do you think I saw the Eiffel Tower?)
  6. Stained class in Notre Dame
  7. Nichol, Sara, and I outside Notre Dame
  8. View of the Arc De Triomphe down the Champs-Elysee
  9. Arc De Triomphe!
  10. Lit up Eiffel Tower

Paris pictures-Day 1

  1. Hannah and I pumped about being in Paris
  2. view of some major monuments from the bus tour
  3. Notre Dame!
  4. Newman girls in front of the Eiffel Tower
  5. Mona!
  6. Me and Mona
  7. Pyramid in the Louvre
  8. Locks Bridge…thing
  9. first Crepe in Paris!
  10. first night out in Paris
quick update.

I figured I should do one more quick update before I leave for Paris.  The post after this weekend will already be super crazy long… another novel… So, I figured I should just talk about today before that post… So… yea….

Thursday-Today, I had work in the morning.  Super exciting.  I liked what I did today a lot better… and feel a lot more positive about this internship.  It seems like things are starting to look up for SALT.  Hopefully, the work I’m doing is actually significant. Today, I organized some newsletters to send out to potential clients, organized a list of small companies in the area to try to do social networking with, and stuff like that.  So, yea, that was exciting. Then, after work, I decided to head to Camden Market on my own… explore and finally find some stuff for myself.  I bought a big bag that zips closed, to avoid my wallet going missing again, a reeeeally cool shirt that I love, and three pairs of earrings.  I’m super excited by my purchases!  Afterwards, I came home and just packed and got ready for Paris.  I’m super pumped! Okay, bed time! BYY-YEEEE